March 24, 2023

Much has changed since California Baptist University opened its doors in the fall of 1950, when only 42 students were enrolled.

Formerly California Baptist College, the university has seen tremendous growth within the last 68 years.

What previously consisted of the original administration building, the W.E. James build- ing and the Annie Gabriel Library, now contains 160 acres of classrooms, housing, parking and athletic facilities.

The newly completed Dennis and Carol Troesh Engineering Building and 5,050 seat Events Center are the most re- cent structural additions to the university’s campus.

Tyler Cox, director of recreation programs, said CBU has made a number of changes to better accommodate the grow- ing student population.

“Everything (has changed): students, facilities, buildings. Administration has seen that growth and has been very supportive of offices that put on activities, for them to be able to continue to grow and pro- vide more resources,” Cox said. “There are a lot more options now than there were for students 10 or 15 years ago.”

CBU now offers many master’s and Ph.D programs along with undergraduate programs in nursing, engineering and aviation science — degrees that CBU did not have 25 years ago.

Chris Hofschoerer, assistant dean of students and CBU alumni, said he began attending CBU in the fall of 1999 and joined staff directly after graduating in 2004.

Throughout working at CBU for the past 15 years, Hofschoerer said he has noticed how much the university has grown in size.

“When I was a student, freshmen and sophomores lived in the dorms and then juniors and seniors lived in Lancer Arms — that was it,” said Hofschoerer.

Today, residential housing has expanded tremendously to include more students with additions including The Colony, The Point, University Place and College Park apartments.

CBU is continuously growing, creating new landmarks and surpassing previous achievements.

Kristin Holderman, director of campus activities, said the options have to reach a wider range of students now that the population has increased.

“We’re going to see a continued growth in students and buildings. We see that constantly already, but I do not see it stopping anytime soon,” Holderman said.

In August 2019, a parking structure will be completed in Lancer Plaza to better accommodate the university’s continued growth and expansion.

Though much has changed, Hofschoerer said he is proud CBU has not strayed away from its Christian values.

“One of the cool things that hasn’t changed is it still feels like the same old CBU as far as the family aspect,” said Hofschoerer.

CBU is progressively expanding to accommodate the growing number of students enrolled every year.

The university has seen extensive changes in the form of buildings, facilities and programs offered and this growth is likely to develop even further within the coming years.

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