September 22, 2023

The Vans Warped Tour will hold several final festivals in the the United States this year to honor its 25th anniversary. These festivals will take place in parts of California, Ohio and New Jersey.

Warped Tour, also known as “punk-rock-summer camp,” is a rock band festival hosted by Kevin Lyman, founder and operator of the Kevin Lyman Group. Up until last year, the festival had been traveling around the the United States during the summer season since 1995.

It received its famous name because Vans shoe company was its main sponsor originally. By the second festival tour in 1996, Vans had donated its name, making it officially the Vans Warped Tour.

This long-lasting tour announced in summer 2018 that that summer would be its last music festival. According to Newsweek, Lynman said the loss of ticket sales and participation from fewer bands were some of the reasons he decided to end the music festival. He announced on Billboard that he decided it was time to end the tour and announce a final, full cross-country run.

Nolan Enriquez, sophomore music composition major, attended Vans Warped Tour in summer 2015 to see his favorite bands and YouTubers. He said he felt the energy and excitement all around him before the show even began.

“As soon as the show began, my dad threw me into a mosh pit and I knew this was going to be an unforgettable experience,” Enriquez said.

He said he was upset to hear the festival ended in 2018 and he did not have the chance to go anymore.

“It is an amazing feeling you get when you’re surrounded by people who enjoy the same music  you do. It’s an environment that only happens at music festivals,” Enriquez said.

Hannah Marian, junior nutrition major, went to Warped Tour in 2015.

“Warped Tour is for those who love metal, moshing, crowd-surfing, rocking out and having the best time of their lives,” Marian said.

When she attended Vans Warped Tour, Marian was in high school and heard of the festival through the store Hot Topic, which made her want to attend. Her favorite bands and YouTubers were going to be there.

“Honestly, you never know who you would run in to. It could be a band member, a random YouTuber or even a celebrity,” Marian said.

Marian said she enjoyed the union this music festival brought between all types of people. Everyone came together for the one thing they loved the most: music.

“Warped Tour was one of the best (festivals) I’ve gone to,” Marian said.

Although the Vans Warped Tour previously held its final Summer Festival, Lyman announced there will be a 25th anniversary in 2019. The very first opening date will be on June 8 in Cleveland, Ohio, followed by New Jersey on June 29-30. The final concerts will be July 20-21 in Mountain View, Calif.

According to the Vans Warped Tour website, pre-sale tickets for the 25th anniversary will be available Feb. 25 and regular sale will begin March 1 along with the release of the lineup.

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