October 1, 2023

Sola Productions is a music group that was formed by California Baptist University students in order to unite people through creative content.

Jake Driscoll, sophomore graphic design major, Andrew Pirkle, Jacob Adler, both junior applied theology majors, and Miguel Ángel Iniesta, junior applied theology and film production double major, make up the production team that hosts house shows for people of all backgrounds, beliefs and ages. They said they want people to enjoy these shows, meet different people and hear new music.

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Coming from CBU gives them a connection to Christians, but they want to be open to non-Christians, as well, to find a common ground where both groups could have the same experience. Sola Productions emphasizes that everyone is welcome and they want to make their next event the best in every possible way.

In February, Sola Productions hosted two concerts: “Casa Blanca” on Feb. 1 and “House Show” on Feb. 23. Their shows feature multiple bands and a crowd connection like no other.

Sola Productions promotes the performing bands through social media because of the impact of Instagram. From their account @solaproductions, they post photos from past shows, as well as fliers for upcoming shows to showcase new events.

Sage Zbinden | CBU Banner

Iniesta, producer for Sola Productions, said Sola Productions is a team that curates and creates events for a mix of Christians and non-Christians alike to enjoy the overall culture of music.

Iniesta received an internship in Portland at a nonprofit organization called “Humble Beast,” which emphasizes the idea of the disciples of God through their theology and creativity for the worship of God. The internship inspired him to want to recreate a group of creative individuals who share a passion for music in Southern California.

“It all started with the idea of just having a team of creatives that want to develop further theologically and creatively,” Iniesta said.

Driscoll, producer for Sola Productions, said the house parties have grown at an almost out-of-control rate since their first concert in early February.

“We’re getting so big that I don’t know if we can do the house shows in our space anymore. We’re trying to see if we can get a bigger venue to continue to put on these shows. We may even start looking into getting some bigger bands who are here for it,” Driscoll said. “We’re having a good time, people are having a good time, so why stop now?”

At these house shows, Sola Productions also asks, but does not require, a $3 donation from attendees to keep these shows going; however, they do not expect to profit from these concerts. The donations help with necessary adjustments that need to be made to be sure concerts run smoothly.

“It’s ministry work,” Iniesta said. “We’re not trying to make a profit, we’re just trying to (break) even to keep doing them. We’re trying to move from the donations model and accept donations from vendors. Our last show was sponsored by Augie’s, which donated coffee for our students.”

Driscoll said giving young people a place to come together and enjoy art and music is the greatest motivator for the production team.

“We’re not promoting for people to come out and party. We’re really trying to create a community around these shows and give people a place to come together,” Driscoll said. “To me that should be our mission statement and what we believe.”

“We want to create a safe space for believers and non-believers to come together and enjoy music. I believe God can use that to create a culture that is not the norm. By listening to music and being able to have a good time, I believe that’s the way we’re going to be able to show love to others and potentially present the gospel,” Driscoll said.

Maxwell Hickman, freshman music composition major, said he went to the “House Show” on Feb. 23 because he saw a promotion on Palm Thrift’s Instagram page @palmtthrift.

“There were about five indie bands playing for about two and half hours. Overall, it was a great event and I enjoyed it,” Hickman said.

Caroline Thoennes, freshman vocal performance major, attended the house concert because she saw a post about it on social media, as well.

“The lineup was great. The bands were current CBU students or former Lancers and they also had a special guest perform. I would definitely go again,” Thoennes said.

These house shows are created by talented individuals who share a passion for music and want to provide a good time with all kinds of people whether they are believers or non-believers.

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