Violinist performs with CBU

Courtesy of Chloe Trevor | Chloe Trevor, a world-renowned violinist, displays her passion for music and the violin as she performs a musical piece.

World-renowned violinist Chloe Trevor is joined California Baptist University’s Symphony Orchestra March 8 for its third concert of the classics series.

The concert was divided into three parts. The first part was “Suppé’s Poet and Peasant Overture,” composed by Franz Von Suppe and conducted by CBU graduate student Flora Xing.

During the second part, Trevor performed the Sibelius Violin Concerto, which was written by Jean Sibelius in 1904.

The third part was Franck’s Symphony in D minor, written by Cesar Franck in 1888.

Franck’s piece was conducted by Dr. Gene Moon, conductor of CBU’s Symphony Orchestra and associate professor of music.

Moon, who has known Trevor for approximately five years, said he was excited to bring such a successful Christian musician to CBU.

“It is unique that we are a Christian university and Chloe herself is a Christian,” Moon said. “It’s nice that we have that in common and can use this experience to do what we as Christians were meant to do, which is bring glory to Christ.”

Moon and Trevor’s relationship began in Texas and has turned into a lasting friendship over the course of the last five years.

“Chloe was my first guest soloist at a previous school in Texas; I was completely enamored by her,” Moon said. “I brought her to other schools I worked for later, and she taught master classes.”

CBU orchestra students, such as Elisa Laraway, sophomore civil engineering major, said they looked forward to the opportunity to perform with someone as renowned as Trevor.

“I’ve always been amazed by the energy in her playing. It seems like she’s constantly pouring 100 percent of her effort into her playing, and she’s passionate about the music she performs,” Laraway said. “I’m looking forward to learning from her, both from what she says and how she plays.”

Laraway also said she was impressed by Trevor and how open she is about her faith on social media.

“In a time when talking about faith on social media can be intimidating, she integrates it into a lot of what she posts,” Laraway said.

Students in the orchestra rehearsed for months as they prepared for Trevor’s arrival.

In anticipation of the event, Moon initiated a FaceTime call with Trevor so the orchestra could see her before the big day.

“It was amazing when Dr. Moon streamed Chloe in. We got to talk to her directly and it calmed our nerves,” said Hunter Spitzer, senior instrumental performance and history double major. “We’re all so excited for her to perform with us.”

Laraway said she hoped the music presented was inspiring.

“CBU students should come see this performance because it will be amazing and inspiring, whether students usually listen to orchestral music or not,” Laraway said. “The Sibelius Violin Concerto is such a passionate and beautiful piece. When played by someone as skilled and energetic as Chloe, it will be unforgettable.”

The performance was held March 8 at 7:30 p.m. at Crosspoint Church in Chino.

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