May 25, 2024

Picking the right college can be daunting, yet numerous college students evaluated their wants and needs time and time again, leading them to enroll at California Baptist University.

Some students are influenced by mere adaptability when leaving their homes and uprooting their lives internationally.

Olawumi Omofomah, graduate student in leadership and organizational studies, said as a follower of Christ, CBU’s motto resonated with her purpose in life while looking for a comfortable and more affordable place to acclimate her new lifestyle.

“My family and I received the good news and it was divine intervention because that’s when my home country, Nigeria, was going through an economic crisis,” Omofomah said. “I was told about the opportunity to apply for the global initiative grants for international students and with the support of the grant, I was able to pay for the tuition fees.”

CBU offers a multitude of grants and scholarships that aid a diverse number of students with educational and living costs.

Other major aspects that weigh in when applying for college are the situations in one’s life. CBU has an acceptance rate of 77 percent, which aids students in beginning a new life with endless spiritual and educational  opportunities.

Brandon Fairfax, junior communication studies major, said as he concluded his time served in the United States Marine Corps, he was eager in applying to CBU because of its  accepting community.

“Knowing that I hadn’t performed to the best of my ability in high school, and the transcript that came along with it reflected the same, my options were far from infinite,” Fairfax said.

“I am reminded every day that I have made the right decision to attend school at CBU because the faculty members alone inspire me to challenge myself.”

Dustin Lowe, director of undergraduate admissions, said searching for the right college is crucial and students are heavily persuaded by the cost, location and a sense of connection with the campus community.

“A couple of the most important pieces to encourage a student to inquire or apply to a college are the academic programs that are offered,” Lowe said. “College is a huge investment, not only financially, but in time that is spent preparing people to find and live out their purpose.”

CBU has offered students opportunities to pursue their faith or find a sense of belonging, while others were given a second chance to succeed. No matter the circumstance, CBU has brought together a diverse group of students who have experienced various paths of life.

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