May 25, 2024

The Office of Academic Advising at California Baptist University went through significant changes to the structure and format of the program beginning Feb. 26.

These changes include assigning each student to a specific academic adviser as well as a more focused specialization of each adviser in a specific area of CBU academics.

Jeff Tennis, director of Academic Advising, emphasized the benefits that will be available to students because of this new model.

“We would like to try to establish student-adviser relationships so that it’s not an office that the student is engaging with, but that it is a person, and they have a name and a contact,” Tennis said.

Using an online system called “Find My Adviser,” students are now able to access information about the adviser assigned to their particular major, as well as direct communication with the adviser.

“We as advisors feel it is better for us to be specifically knowledgeable about programs of study than generally knowledgeable,” Tennis said.

Christa Whitney, freshman communication sciences and disorders major, emphasized how she appreciated the new system of pairing one adviser with a student.

“Last semester I just requested an adviser because people in my major said she knows that field best. I appreciate now that it’s assigned,” Whitney said.

This change was not done  alphabetically or at random but rather intentionally so students would recieve the highest  benefits. 

“We were very intentional. We took into consideration thoughts and opinions of students and faculty,” Tennis said. 

Tennis also stressed that students with a specific adviser prior to the changes will not be separated from that adviser.

The system of academic advisers at CBU is a valuable program available to students that presents many benefits when  they’re taken advantage of.

Lauren Elkins, junior film studies major, said she goes to academic advising once a semester and highlighted the benefits she has seen personally though these visits.

“They know a lot more about planning out my schedule than I do. They’re very knowledgeable and you can really ask them any question.” Elkins said. “It’s one of the best ideas to go to Academic Advising. It’s really helped me.”

Students should have received a link through LancerMail email that said “Find my Advisor” in mid-February.

If not, students can reach out to Academic Advising through the CBU website or visit the academics tab on insidecbu.

Academic Advising will also be holding several registration assistance days March 12, 25 and 27.

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