June 16, 2024

Prospective California Baptist University students had the opportunity to get a taste of CBU’s environment and community April 9 at the annual Lancer Day.

Lancer Day is an event designed and targeted specifically at students who have been accepted for the Fall 2019 semester. 

At the event, students are provided the chance to do activities such as speak with admissions and financial aid counselors, participate in group activities and visit potential living areas.

Taylor Shelberg, manager of Undergraduate Admissions Events, discussed the history and significance of this event.

Shelberg said this event originally started as “Lancer Night” but over the years as the university grew and changed so did this event, turning it into a day of activities instead of just one night.

“Since the university is experiencing such growth, Lancer Day allows us to increase the volume of visitors while also allowing them to customize it into what they want out of the experience,” Shelberg said.

By attending Lancer Day, future CBU students have the chance to get a taste of what attending college will be like and see how to get the most out of their time at CBU.

Kelly Washburn, current  high school senior, has yet to declare a major but is planning on attending CBU in fall 2019. 

Washburn described her motivation for attending Lancer Day, as well as CBU.

“I decided to go to Lancer Day because my parents really encouraged it and I thought it’d be good to see the campus outside of visiting my sister, who is a sophomore at CBU,” Washburn said. “Also, it would be nice to meet other incoming freshmen and just get an overall feel of the CBU campus.”

Future students also emphasized particular factors that stood out to them about the university and made them choose to attend CBU.

Shelberg also said the event plays an important role in the life of a potential Lancer and it can aid in the transition into the university in the coming fall semester.

“Deciding which school you want to call home for the next four years is a big deal,” Shelberg said. “We recognize this and do our best to offer an environment that accurately portrays who we are as a university. Our hope is that the event impacts them enough that they feel they can make an informed decision about where to go to college.”

Lancer Day provides a perfect opportunity for prospective students to get to see the campus and find out what a day in the life of a student at CBU might be like to help them reach their final desicion.

However, students who were unable to attend Lancer Day will still have similar opportunities closer to the start of the upcoming school year through freshmen orientation events and Welcome Weekend.

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