February 23, 2024

Indian food is exotic, intriguing and consists of a wide range of spices. While it may intimidate some people because of its unfamiliarity, taking the opportunity to try new foods will allow one’s taste buds to thrive and grow in experience.  

The Indian Curry Hut in downtown Riverside offers a variety of flavors and spices for locals to try. The Indian Curry Hut opened in mid-January and currently serves more than 75 dishes. 

The food options range from vegetarian entrees to Indo-Chinese specialties including chicken, goat, lamb and seafood entrees. The prices of these dishes range from $10.99 to $12.99, depending on the type of entree one orders at the establishment.  

A popular side dish is a type of bread called naan, which is similar to pita bread. The Indian Curry Hut has various types of naan flavors from which to choose. They have butter, garlic, spicy jalapeño and cheese naan. The prices for the naan bread range from $1.99 to $2.99. 

Bidur Khadka, owner of the Indian Curry Hut, has been working in the restaurant business for nearly six years. 

“I am passionate about the food being served to our customers and I hope to educate customers about the unique taste that Indian food has,” Khadka said. 

His regular customers are students from the University of California, Riverside, because of the close proximity to the campus. 

Khadka recommends that people who have never had Indian food try the chicken curry. 

Students at California Baptist University voiced their opinions about Indian food and their willingness to try it. 

Caitlyn Harper, freshman undeclared major, is from Wisconsin and has never tried Indian food before.

“I would definitely be willing to step out of my comfort zone of eating mostly Wisconsin cheese and try something new like Indian food,” Harper said. 

Ashleigh Wartson, senior film major, described what she liked about Indian food and seasonings.

“It ranges from different types of meats that have different seasonings such as turmeric and cumin. There is usually lots of curry in their dishes, as well,” Wartson said.

 “I like trying new foods from all around the world. Most people tend to allow their taste buds to become lazy and accustomed to the same types of food. It’s good to explore and hop out of our comfort zones.” 

The Indian Curry Hut is open Monday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. It is located at 223 University Ave. #150 in Riverside.

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