June 5, 2023

Kylie Jenner’s makeup brand launched November 2015 with the first set of lip kits and almost immediately sold out because of heavy anticipation for the brand’s release.

The lip kits come in a variety of different colors and finishes with matte, metallic and velvet collections all having been released throughout the years. Each kit features a liquid lipstick and matching lip liner for $29.

I tried the Kristen Lip Kit, which can be described as a warm berry-brown color.

When applying the lip liner and liquid lipstick, one only needs one coat to get the full intensity of the pigmentation. If multiple layers are applied, it begins to look thick and feel uncomfortable.

The liquid lipstick dries rather fast and once it does, there is no moving it around. Make sure to be precise with application as it is difficult to fix mistakes after it has dried.

This may not apply to all colors, but upon trying the Kristen Lip Kit, the color appeared much darker and red-toned on the lips than it looked in the packaging.

Liquid lipsticks, in general, can be drying on the lips, and I found this to be true with the Kristen Lip Kit.

Though the liquid lipsticks claim to be longwearing, I found that the product began to rub off or become patchy after only a few hours of wear. This is not the type of lipstick that will withstand lunch without needing a touchup afterward.

However, even touching up the product and reapplying it is difficult to do without the end result looking thick.

One’s best bet may be to remove and reapply the liquid lipstick altogether, though this can become somewhat of an inconvenience. Removal of the lip products can be difficult, even with makeup remover, and there is a chance one may experience some staining after it is removed.

Though the Kristen Lip Kit provided intense pigmentation and a beautiful matte finish, the negative aspects were hard to miss. In my opinion, for $29, the lip kits are overpriced for the quality of the product and do not fully live up to the hype they receive.

The lip kits are sold online at Kyliecosmetics.com or in store at Ulta Beauty.

Overall rating: 5/10.

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