May 23, 2024

Apple announced March 25 that it will be releasing a new video-streaming service this fall, entering itself into the fierce competition against Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services. This service, named Apple TV+, will stream original, ad-free content.

Netflix has spent billions making original content and has become one of the top streaming sites. Apple is a bit late to the game, but streaming has become a trend, so naturally it has become a priority to add this extension.

Joel Bigely, assistant professor of the School of Business, explains that Apple has always been about keeping up with trends, and streaming is definitely a trend.

“Apple people are extremely loyal people,” Bigley said. “It is not only adults, but whole families. Kids have tablets and parents have phones. It is expected that even if Apple created content disagreeable with  a majority of the audience that their people would still remain loyal.”

Viewers would spend money for a new streaming service for the same reason they download Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video or any other service — the longing for more content, be it original or familiar. Further, a majority of viewers do not want to wait as well. Switching around to different services to find a better subscription can also be discouraging.

“I have actually never heard of (Apple+), but I feel like I’m so comfortable with the other streaming services that it would be a hassle to switch,” said Andrew Bejarra, sophomore nursing major.

Brennan Cackett, Online and Professional Studies professor of arts and sciences, said whether or not he will subscribe to this new service will depend on what he would be getting out of it.

“The main reason I subscribe to a streaming service is because of what it offers me. For example, CBS All Access gives me access to TV shows right after they air, as well as original content such as ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ and ‘The Twilight Zone,’” Cackett said.

Will consumers enjoy the new service as it adds more content, rivalling Netflix, Hulu and Amazon? Or will Apple fall short of its already high expectations? Only time will tell after the service launches this coming fall.

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