April 20, 2024

I came into my freshman year as an English major and invested in the Collinsworth School of Music. Now as a senior preparing to graduate this upcoming December, I’m a creative writing major and am deeply invested in the journalism program here at California Baptist University.

It was many twists, turns and challenges that brought me to where I am now. I did not go into my first year of college thinking I would change my major, focus, extracurriculars or even graduate late, but here I am. 

Despite all the changes I underwent in my college career, I am grateful for each and every experience I enjoyed and endured.

A life of regrets is not much of a life at all. It took four years for me to learn to stop looking back in dismay or looking to the future with fear. 

As corny as it may sound, college truly is a once in a lifetime experience. The four or five, or maybe even six years, that one spends at a university is, for some, the most influential time of his or her life. 

For most students college is the first environment in which they are given freedom to shape their own future with their own decisions.

There are so many experiences offered to undergraduates, specifically at CBU. In the “real world,” or in the work place, there will not always be free T-shirts, intramural sports and Stress Relief Week perks. It is important that we do not take for granted all of the opportunities that are offered here on our campus.

Yes, college is stressful and time-consuming, but it is also incredibly rewarding and fun. Each individual gets to choose how he or she will experience the time here. 

Will you bury yourself in your room studying and binge-watching Netflix, or will you go to the Festival of Colors and Midnight Madness? There is always something happening on campus and a program or club for everyone. This leaves no excuse for you not making friends and the most of your time here.

There’s not one path for everyone. Society tells students to have their whole life mapped out at 18, but that is not realistic. Our college career is the perfect time for students to grow, challenge themselves and change their minds. 

College is a safe place to explore all of the possibilities for your future and everyone should take advantage of that opportunity. 

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