June 16, 2024

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, better known as Batuu, has been open at California’s  Disneyland since May 31. With attendance much lower than expected, it feels as if some frequent park goers may not find Batuu appealing.

The latest addition to the popular theme park has not been popular for a number of reasons, which makes the opening of Walt Disney World’s version nerve-racking. 

One theory is that tourists who were awaiting the opening of the new attraction had the same idea as everybody else and decided to wait until the popularity died down.

“Personally, I think people are just waiting. I’m one of those people and I also know several people who are also waiting for the rush to die down. We are just apprehensive due to the high cost and widely crowded areas,” said Mattilynn Johnson, senior graphic design major.

However, that theory does not explain everything. On opening day, Batuu was not completely ready for visitors. Two large attractions were projected to be unveiled on opening day but because of continuous technical difficulties the attractions were closed.

This outlook may be the same for Florida’s park, which opened Aug. 29, because the price of a Disneyland ticket is not affordable for many individuals, not to mention entire families. 

According to Theme Park Insider, this seems to be one of the biggest reasons people generally decide not to attend Disneyland, let alone Batuu.

Disneyland cast member Javier Camacho said he does not enjoy visiting Galaxy’s Edge, and believes it does not live up to the expectations.

“I’m not a fan of Star Wars and the land was over-anticipated. It is praised for being a 14-acre expansion, but upon opening and until next year, the land only offers one attraction. Also, a very overpriced marketplace,” Camacho said. 

However, Camacho has higher hopes for the Florida attraction. “I do believe that Walt Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge will do better than the one in California and don’t believe that attendance numbers will increase here until Batuu has more to offer.”

With that being said, Star War’s: Galaxy’s Edge has ultimately given many Star Wars fans an experience that cannot be replaced. 

Florida is expected to have high attendance and be just as epic for Star Wars fans as the one in California. To many, it is a dream come true to see their childhood stories and fantasies come to life right before their eyes.

“Disney did a phenomenal job of creating a truly immersive experience, stepping into the world George Lucas created. Every aspect, from the sights and sounds to the cast members, made the world truly come alive as if I stepped into the movies,” said Christopher Schlute, athletic training graduate student.

Elijah Hickman | CBU Banner Regan Lee | Banner | Skylar Holder, senior health science major, contemplates which pieces to use to assemble a droid at the droid depot in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Despite mixed reception,  with all things Star Wars from the Millennium Falcon to Oga’s Cantina, Batuu makes Disneyland an even more magical place, if possible.

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