May 23, 2024

The California Baptist University’s Community Life Office spent the summer of 2019 preparing for the fall semester’s intramural sports, bringing back some of the popular traditions and making adjustments to improve.

Marnie Kavern, Community Life’s program coordinator for intramurals, said she and the Community Life staff used the summer to continue to try to meet students’ needs.

“We spend a lot of time reviewing assessments and figuring out what the students want to see,” Kavern said. “We research what other schools are doing to bring in new ideas. We also attend conferences to gain knowledge on how to expand our programs.”

This fall, CBU’s six-week flag football and volleyball leagues will return along with a three-day dodgeball tournament. Kavern said her staff has worked hard this year to create intramural opportunities that fit with students’ busy schedules.

“This year we are going to be offering more passive leagues,” Kavern said. “For instance, we have created a disc golf course on campus so students can pick up a map and go at their own pace and availability.”

For Natalie Codding, junior graphic design major, participating in fall intramurals has shown her the various ways Community Life prepares.

“You can see how the events reflect the students’ opinions,” Codding said. “They also remain very flexible in what events they hold and how to add different aspects to cater to the students needs.”

Andrew Vander Weide, sophomore construction management major, said one aspect of intramural sports that makes them so enjoyable is the relationships. 

“They invite you to meet many different people who share common interests in sports, all while providing you with adequate exercise,” Vander Weide said.

Codding echoed Vander Weide’s sentiments, pointing out the unique way competition brings people together.

“One of the benefits of playing intramurals is meeting new people with similar interests,” Codding said. “Intramurals are a good outlet for competition and seeing how sports and glorifying Christ can coexist.” 

Community Life will also continue its “Rec It Fridays,” featuring sand volleyball, slip n’ slide kickball, badminton and ultimate Frisbee. Students can follow @CBURecreation on Instagram or visit

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