April 13, 2024

Being a resident adviser at California Baptist University comes with its fair share of responsibility, but some say the opportunity to build relationships and help others is a highly rewarding task.

Resident advisers, or RAs, are devoted student-leaders who work with the Office of  Residence Life. As an RA, students are expected to lead by example, assist their residents if they need help, and enforce living area rules to ensure the safety and responsibility of every student. RAs also have the chance to build relationships with their residents, care for them, and act as someone residents can come to with any problem, whether big or small.

Gabriela Zamora, junior health science and pre-physician assistant studies double major, is an RA for the North Colony Apartments. Zamora said she became an RA because of the great relationship she had with her former RA.

“My RA was a friend to me whenever I needed one and I wanted to be that open door and friend to others,” Zamora said.

Jacqui Koster, junior nursing major, is beginning her second year as an RA in East Colony. Koster said being an RA allowed her the chance to develop a sense of community around campus and interact with many people on a daily basis.

“I wanted to make an impact in women’s lives in my age group and show them that people care for them unconditionally,” Koster said. “(As an RA) you are challenged daily. You get to invest into so many lives and make such a difference in the community at CBU.”

Mckenna Liardon, resident director for University Place women, said if students are looking to get involved and want to serve their peers, they should consider being an RA.

“While we are not looking for one specific ‘type’ of RA because we highly value different personalities and experiences, we ask that all RAs have a growing relationship with the Lord and are committed to serving others, growing in their own leadership and being a reliable, responsible and trustworthy student-leader who truly leads by example,” Liardon said.

Liardon also said RA positions consist of many responsibilities but also provide experience that may be useful in student’s desired careers.

“As an RA, you wear many ‘hats.’ You learn a variety of skills and disciplines that could help you in whatever comes next career-wise after CBU. We consider RA to be an internship position due to its highly involved nature, so it ends up looking great on a resume, as well,” Liardon said.

Students who are interested in applying should keep an eye out for emails and postings about the student leadership application process that will open later this fall.

Students can also follow @cburezlife on Instagram to stay up to date on due dates and learn more about upcoming events and the interview process.

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