March 30, 2023

The Woman is Required to Pay (TWIRP) Week is a long-standing tradition at California Baptist University. It was started by students and for students in 1962 and has been going strong ever since. TWIRP Week is now an official CBU event organized by CBU’s Community Life Office staff.

Kristin Holderman, director of campus activities, explained the purpose of TWIRP Week and what Community Life hopes students will get out of it.

“The purpose is to build community among the student body and allow for fun and unique experiences,” Holderman said. “Our hope is that students have fun, enjoy being a part of such a long-standing tradition, and make a new friend!”

Holderman talked about the decision not to keep Disneyland in TWIRP Week this year.

“This year eliminating Disneyland as a part of TWIRP was one major change,” Holderman said. “We do plan on doing a stand alone CBU Disney Day in the spring.”

Rebekah Barker, sophomore liberal studies major, said she was fine with Disneyland being removed from TWIRP Week this year because of the addition of a separate Disney trip.

“I’ve seen that they’re doing Disneyland in February, so I’m not all that disappointed,” Barker said. “This way if you wanted to go with a guy, he can pay for his own ticket.”

Alyssa Gowling, senior communication sciences and disorders major, said she enjoys doing TWIRP with friends.

“Going with a date is fun, but you should never be afraid of getting a group of friends together because sometimes those are the most memorable experiences.”

As a sports fan, Gowling said she looks forward to going to the sports events offered by TWIRP Week every year.

“I am a huge baseball fan, so I am  excited to attend the Angels game with my good friends,” Gowling said. “The whole section is usually filled with other CBU students, which makes for a really fun and energetic environment.”

Holderman explained the process of choosing events for TWIRP Week.

“Our interns brainstorm each year on what students want to see offered,” Holderman said. “We look for event opportunities that have a large capacity, are reasonably priced, and great for people to attend on their own, with a date or with friends.”

Gowling said she thinks Community Life does a great job of picking activities for a wide range of interests.

“TWIRP is a really fun tradition that gets people excited early on in the school year,” Gowling said. “I love that TWIRP gives us fun and cheap activities to do with our friends, and also (an opportunity) to meet new people.”

Students will not want to miss out on all the activities TWIRP Week has to offer this year, so it is important to purchase tickets before they sell out. Students can go by themselves, with friends or with a date for each night of entertainment. 

TWIRP Week is a way to get to know fellow students and have a fun bonding experience to remember for years to come.

Students who purchase tickets to any TWIRP Week event will be eligible for a giveaway at the Monday Night Football event, and the person with the best costume at the Barn Dance will win a prize.

TWIRP Week tickets are on sale now in the Community Life Lounge located in Lancer Plaza.

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