February 21, 2024

Gabrielle Tieman | Banner Trixie Witham, sophomore finance major, enjoys a free hair cut during the spring 2020 Ladies’ Night event.

Free haircuts, manicures, massages, henna tattoos, fitness classes, community and a ladies-only space. Female students have the opportunity to treat themselves to a night of self-care and fellowship.

California Baptist University’s Recreation Center hosted a Ladies’ Night event on Jan. 21 to kick off the spring semester. This event was an opportunity for female students to start the semester by connecting with one another and building relationships.

Tahlia Wilson-Nealy, graduate assistant at the Recreation Center, said she enjoys this event because it allows women to make new friends, enjoy themselves, socialize and have fun during a time that can be quite stressful.

“This event gives ladies the opportunity to get connected to one another on campus and find resources in other women who are in different positions in life. Women are able to find common ground and say, ‘We are here and we all love God. In the meantime, we can enjoy one another and have fun,’” Wilson-Nealy said.

Last semester, the attendants of Ladies’ Night filled out a survey offering assessments and responses on their opinion of the event. Staff at the Recreation Center reviewed these responses and incorporated new elements such as front-of-the-line passes for the girls that signed up. These passes allowed the students not only to enter into the event at the front, but also to receive first priority for the services offered at the event.

Wilson-Nealy fondly recalled a memory of last semester’s Ladies’ Night event in which four women who had never met one another became friends during the evening’s relay race. To Wilson-Nealy, this represented the primary goal of Ladies’ Night: Encouraging spontaneous yet genuine companionship.

Molly Enns, junior marketing major and Spiritual Life intern, ran a booth at Ladies’ Night advertising the Urban Excursion trips that Spiritual Life offers. 

She explained that Ladies’ Night was the perfect opportunity for women to see all the resources and opportunities available specifically to them.

“I love how the female students of CBU are building community together, looking to learn more about different things and having fun in a guy-free zone. It’s a great chance for women to grow as followers of Jesus and meet other Christian women,” Enns said.

Ladies Night showcased all of the possible ways for women to come together, relax and learn something new about themselves and their environment. Angela Bucholz, senior nursing major, is a member of the Peer Health Education Club, a club whose purpose is to educate women on efficient ways to stay healthy.

“We are here to educate about women’s health, which is a perfect resource to have available at this event. Specifically, we encourage women to take folic acid which is good for your skin, memory and health in general,” Bucholz said.

Ladies’ Night is a special event offered at CBU once a semester. Students can look forward to the next Ladies’ Night event in fall 2020.

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