February 23, 2024

The women’s basketball team went 1-6 over the semester break, snagging a win Dec. 16 in an upset against Idaho State University.

The Lancers’ current overall record is 8-10, but the women’s basketball team is known for gaining momentum as the season unfolds.

Head coach Jarrod Olson said, “Typically, our teams have finished the year pretty strong, so we are working  hard to get a good streak going here and finish the season well.”

Despite the narrow losses, the winter break served as a learning moment for the team as they discovered what they need to work on moving forward this season.

Georgia Dale, junior marketing major, said, “The winter break has provided our team with many opportunities to sharpen our game. Being in season does not allow for much time to practice. Therefore, the break has allowed us to add greater depth into our game.”

Earlier this season, the Lancers lost two of their strongest players, Britney Thomas and Caitlyn Harper, to injuries, leaving the team to fill gaps in their starting lineup. 

The break was utilized to figure out what specifically needed improvement without the two key players.

“We have actually improved our defense since Christmas, and for some reason, once we got better at defense we stopped shooting the ball as well. But we are pretty confident that the shooting will come back soon,” Olson said.

If the Lancers’ shooting game improves, they should have no problem obtaining the success they desire this season. The women’s basketball team is unified in working to finish the season strong and they said they understand the expectations  of their coach and their program.

“The expectation for us is to always give our best no matter what the outcome is,” said Gracie Champion, freshman liberal studies major.

The women’s basketball team anticipates  qualifying for both the Women’s National Invitation Tournament and the Women’s Basketball Invitational coming up later this season. 

Ultimately, the Lancers strive to finish first in the Western Athletic Conference this season after finishing second last season.

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