March 28, 2023

California Baptist University students were given the opportunity to purchase discounted Disneyland tickets on Feb.15 through Community Life for CBU’s annual Disney Day.

Students were able to go to either Disneyland or California Adventure with the ticket, priced at $75. A free Disney pin was also included with the purchase of each ticket.

Daniel Garcia, assistant director for New Student Programs, said Community Life hopes to build community off campus through Disney Day.

“It is such a staple in southern California,” Garcia said. “If you went to any other Christian school not in California you wouldn’t be able to experience it. It’s cool that Disneyland is just down the freeway and we can offer it to students.”

Garcia said Community Life is encouraged by the number of people who participated in Disney Day and hopes to continue to plan bigger and better events so that students feel involved. In the future, Disney Day will remain a spring event, unlike in years past when it was part of TWIRP week.

“Disney Day was so popular. We offered over 250 tickets for a discounted price,” Garcia said. “It will continue to be its (own) entity because the school is getting bigger and the interest is getting bigger.”

Gina Mann, senior criminal justice and psychology double major and New Student Programs intern, said Disney Day was a great way to visit Disneyland since she is no longer an annual pass-holder. Community Life interns also held giveaways in the parks throughout the day for students to win treats and snacks in Disneyland. The giveaways included free treats such as Dole Whip, galaxy milk drinks, hot dogs and churros.

“If people were following the CBU Comm Life Instagram, they would get notifications about any giveaways that we were doing. It was cool because who wouldn’t want a free treat at Disneyland,” Mann said.

Many students showed their enthusiasm for Disney Day by camping out at the Community Life lounge the night before tickets went on sale.

“I thought it was committed,” Garcia said. “It is part of the experience to make sure you can go on the day. I got there at 6 a.m. to hand out line holders and saw people sleeping. There were hammocks, tents — everything. It was fun.”

Taylor Duncan, senior photography major, was one of many students who arrived early to get a prime spot in line for Disneyland tickets.

“I did not camp out, but I did arrive 3 hours before opening,” Duncan said.

Overall, students said that they enjoyed getting to experience something unique to southern California with 250 of their classmates.

“I love that I can go enjoy amazing places like Disney at a discounted price,” Duncan said. “CBU is the only reason I could have afforded a day (at) Disney.”

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