March 25, 2023

One of the signature traits of California Baptist University is that campus gets a little quiet on the weekends. Parking lots that are usually completely full suddenly have no competition for spaces, all because seemingly half the residential students head home for the weekends.

CBU has a prevalent commuter culture throughout the week because approximately half the students are commuters. However, that does not explain why full-time residential students head home so often.

Going home to see family and maybe even friends on the weekend may be an exciting idea. However, there are many people who choose to stay at CBU on the weekends to attend events on campus or in Riverside, spend time with friends or because they live too far away for the drive — or flight — to be worth the trouble.

There are people on campus to hang out with on weekends. Especially for freshmen, spending time on campus over the weekend is key to meeting people and creating long-lasting friendships. Let’s face it — nobody becomes best friends with someone they sit next to in class. That is, not without spending time with or talking to that person outside of class.

College is a time to invest in yourself, but it is also a time to create relationships with others. Everyone needs a support system, which may be family members. However, visiting your family every single weekend takes away time from other college students who can hang out with you any time, improve your mood and truly understand your stress when midterms and finals roll around.

Do not misunderstand me and think that sleeping in your dorm instead of at home on the weekend means new friends will throw themselves at you. Everyone needs to be intentional about reaching out to new people; hiding in one’s dorm or always having headphones in is not an effective way to meet new people.

Students should also be taking advantage of living on campus because they are paying for it. This semester alone, student housing cost $3,165. In addition to the housing fee, students who live on campus are also required to pay for a higher level meal plan than commuters. Living on campus is a privilege students should appreciate, not abandon at every opportunity.

Every single weekend, this campus changes. Parking spots open, dining locations close and it is much easier to walk somewhere without seeing anyone you know. This campus culture is the opposite of what students think of when they visit CBU, and it should not be that way.

Be present for your college experience and build relationships with the people around you before graduation day comes. Unpack your bags and stick around for a while. You never know what might happen.

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