June 23, 2024

Nicholas Litwin, junior graphic design major at California Baptist University, started out with a love for design, filming and photography, and he now has an official drone pilot’s license and is working in social media management and collaborating with companies.

Litwin said he has always taken videos and pictures of his family’s vacations and moments in his life growing up.

After he took his first web design class in high school, he knew he wanted to be involved in photography.

When Litwin was looking into colleges, he was able to connect with and meet Dirk Dallas, assistant professor of graphic design, and discuss CBU’s programs.

“Seeing how the professors were already invested in me before I even was enrolled here was a huge step in why I wanted to come to CBU,” Litwin said.

Luc Stringer | Banner | Litwin’s drone soars against the clouds with great precision and grace .

Dallas also inspired Litwin to get involved with drone photography.

“Seeing Dirk’s drone work was really amazing to me and intrigued me,” Litwin said. “Dirk has been the reason I started drone photography and my biggest inspiration.”

When talking about Litwin, Dallas acknowledged his dedi- cation and hard work.

“He strives to be different in some way with his projects and go above and beyond,” Dallas said. “He really takes seriously the opportunity he has to meet with his professors. This shows that he is eager to learn, and constantly wants to grow and develop into being better.”

Litwin came to CBU with a focus on photography, but since has switched his focus to design and doing photography as a hobby, as well as offering drone photography for businesses and organizations.

Litwin earned an official commercial pilot’s license in May 2019 and is now able to put together drone shoots for real estate companies, architecture firms and properties.

“I’ve realized creating graphic design and creating content for social media is the emphasis I love,” Litwin said.

Litwin is fascinated by new technologies and brands. He attended the Consumer Electronics Show Conference, the biggest technology conference in the world, after he was recommended by a friend to apply. The conference was also an opportunity for Litwin to make connections with brands and network for the future.

“I was able to connect with and meet with some of my favorite brands and people I follow,” Litwin said.

“Any company that involves technology, battery, plug in or electricity was there. It was cool networking and being able to meet people and hopefully start working with them one day.”

Litwin also noted what a powerful tool social media has been in recent years to further connect people.

“The beauty of social media is the ability to connect with people you may not be able to cross paths with, so I always enjoy connecting and meet- ing new people and I’m always open to collaborate,” Litwin said.

Lucas Mitose, senior health administration major, is a close friend of Litwin.

“He never boasts in his talent and is always humble with his work,” Mitose said. “Nicholas takes his God-given talents and uses them to glorify him.”

Litwin said he is thankful for CBU as a whole and the College of Architecture Visual Arts Design in particular because of how much they have inspired him and helped him grow in making what he wants to do in his career clear to him.

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