May 25, 2024

Many students at California Baptist University are unaware of the opportunity to get free tickets to live tapings of talk shows in Southern California. 

Famous talk shows that film in Southern California include “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (2003-), “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” (2003-), “Dr. Phil” (2002-), “Conan” (2010-), “Wheel of Fortune” (1983-), “Real Time with Bill Maher” (2003-), “The Late Late Show with James Corden” (2015-) and more.

Getting tickets for these live tapings is simple and it takes just a few minutes to apply. Most talk show tickets are available for free online on both the network’s website and websites such as and The applications are easily accessible and also include submitting a form with some personal information and availability to attend a taping.

Jacob Cook, junior psychology major, said he has experienced live shows and attended multiple live tapings and enjoys them. 

Cook said he enjoys hosts with big personalities such as Steve Harvey, who is a comedian and also a strong Christian.

“I attended a taping of ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ with my girlfriend. I have also been to multiple showings of ‘America’s Got Talent,’” Cook said.

“The experience was extremely cool since I love the show and now I’m seeing it live. It’s honestly an amazing feeling and it felt unreal,” Cook said. “My favorite part was seeing the show(s) that I love play out live in front of me and seeing the hosts all live was great.”

Samantha Maynard, sophomore psychology major, said she has always wanted to go see “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” but has not had the opportunity because Degeneres’s show is one of the most difficult ones to attend.

“I usually see clips of Ellen’s show everywhere on social media because she’s always giving out big checks and donations to individuals or organizations. Ellen is my favorite host because she truly cares for others and spreads a lot of love,” Maynard said.

John Pate, assistant professor of communication studies and department chair of communication arts, has an unusual connection to live talk shows. 

Pate has been a special guest for stand up comedy on talk shows such as “Evening At The Improv,” “Nashville Now,” “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “PM Magazine” and various other live shows. Pate has also been a producer on a several shows.

Pate has written scripts and comics that were produced for multiple popular shows. 

He explained that most of the time the talk shows are already planned out, meaning that the host typically will not ask surprising questions to their guest because the guest knows ahead of time.

“Before the show starts they will send a producer back to your dressing room to write down all the questions you want the host to ask you. Older talk shows like Oprah Winfrey’s are themed talk shows where they ask backstage if you’re comfortable talking about the theme for the day,” Pate said.

Pate has gained  experience from his time on live talk shows but said he has a special admiration for one particular host.

“I enjoy Johnny Carson from ‘The Tonight Show.’ I got to work for Carson Productions for a while but I never did the show with Johnny Carson. I would go to his studios and write comics for the show,” Pate said.

Students interested in seeing their favorite stars live should consider spending the day in Los Angeles and attending a live taping of a show. Be sure to book tickets ahead of time and check booking websites frequently for new chances to attend tapings.

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