May 23, 2024

Wake Up Wednesday is a weekly on-campus event where students of California Baptist University can enjoy coffee from Arcade Coffee Roasters. Held every Wednesday from 7:30 a.m.–2 p.m. in Lancer Plaza, Wake Up Wednesday is a great way for students to relax and enjoy a positive atmosphere.

Kimberly Gledhill, first year social work graduate student, started attending Wake Up Wednesday a few years ago with her friends. For Gledhill, the environment is a great place to meet up and spend quality time with her fellow students.

“I do feel like there is a good community of students at Wake Up Wednesday and I feel like it is a great way to connect to campus due to the tabling that takes place at the event,” Gledhill said.

For students who desire not to spend money on coffee, there is another option. A few days before each event, CBU’s Spiritual Life will hide three Arcade coffee cups in different areas on campus. Subtle clues on their whereabouts are posted on their Instagram story                              @cbu_sl. 

Students who find a coffee cup may redeem them on Wednesday for a free drink of their choice.

Beck Puckett, senior English major, found her coffee cup in Stamps Courtyard and redeemed it for a free drink.

“It was exciting when the cup was there, since it was later in the day and no one had found it yet. I got a vanilla latte before my math class, which was a blessing and a half. I would definitely recommend it. It’s fun, and who doesn’t like free coffee?” Puckett said.

Wake Up Wednesday’s scavenger hunt can be a great interactive way for students to stay connected to the event and obtain a free coffee.

Lukas Baker manages the Wake Up Wednesday booth. Baker has worked the event for two semesters and is now able to identify the regulars who attend to commune with fellow students.

“Try and make it on by if you don’t have class. Or even slide by in between classes. Arcade was rated the No. 6 best coffee shop in the entire United States by Food & Wine Magazine So why miss out on it when it’s already on campus?” Baker said.

For students seeking great coffee and conversation, Wake Up Wednesday can fulfill that need. For those wishing to save money, taking advantage of the scavenger hunt is a way to get coffee while saving cash. 

The community created within Lancer Plaza is one all students should experience during their time spent here at CBU.

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