June 19, 2024

If students are looking for relaxing melodic music that fits all environments, from studying to driving alone to even hanging out with friends, this is the perfect EP for them.

Almost Always’ newest EP “come apart in your light” is a six song 20-minute long collection, and it is a perfect example of something you could listen to in the background or pay attention to every lyric. Every song is full of meaning and a poetic feel that gets better with every listen.

The EP starts out very peacefully then reaches a climax with an upbeat feel with the third and fourth tracks, then descends back into an even more peaceful, calming and concluding feeling in the final two tracks. “Come apart in your light” takes the listener on a beautifully melodic and harmonic journey that takes them into a space of peace in their mind.

Although the lyrics of every track are full of metaphors and ambiguous poetry, the listener can relate and adapt the feeling of the words to their own lives and circumstances. This is done almost unconsciously and is brought about because of the perfect combinations of sounds, instruments, and words.

Since the EP is only 20 minutes and feels even shorter, it is something listeners can put on repeat and feel like they are listening to a new song every time. There are always words, layers or feelings that are new with every listen. 

“Come apart in your light” is truly a collection of songs with a clear welcoming start and resolving end yet is easy to listen to again and again. The journey that this EP takes the listener on leaves the listeners wanting to go back and take the journey again.

Almost Always has not released an EP since 2019. He released his largest collection of works last summer in his 15-track album “convalesce,” which was a concept album that showcased the artist’s complexity and versatility that Almost Always is capable of. However, this latest EP “come apart in your light” has only six songs but shows a clear improvement of skill and collectedness that every artist strives for in their collective body of work. The flow of this EP  is so seamless that it feels like one work. It does not feel like six good quality songs. It feels like six good quality songs that come together to make one great piece of art.

Almost Always goes against that pattern of modern music with this EP. It reminds the listener that you can listen to six songs in order in one sitting. That listening to a musical body of work as a whole is not a dying concept. Almost Always’ “come apart in your light” goes against the current of modern music while still being able to captivate listeners.

You can listen to “come apart in your light” on all streaming platforms, and listeners should try to listen to the whole EP. It is a collective melodic journey crafted by Almost Always. Don’t let just listening to one track keep you from  experiencing the journey as a whole.

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