May 23, 2024

Due to the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the Western Athletic Conference has announced that all fall season sports, and any athletic competitions for winter season sports, have been canceled, with a pending potential reschedule of athletic activities for the new year.

This has had major effects on the fall season sports athletes, coaches, and even winter season sports. As classes were moved online, athletes and coaches alike were faced with uncertain circumstances about the future of their sports seasons.

Coach Adam Tribble, head coach of California Baptist University’s Cross Country and Track teams, shared his initial thoughts about the cancellation of athletic competition.

“Initially, everybody is sad because that happened because everyone spent so much time and energy and finances for the fall season, but we’re excited that we’re going to be able to bring back so many people to come back in the future [spring and fall seasons],” Tribble said.

Despite the set-back of canceled competitions, fall and winter-season sports athletes and coaches are optimistic about their seasons moving forward.

“I honestly wasn’t too surprised,” said Isabella Rhodes, junior civil engineering major and women’s swim and dive team member. “With the way things were going, it didn’t seem very likely that we would have competition. At the same time, I knew that meant this season would take a lot of mental strength to continue to push our bodies.”

While coronavirus regulations and restrictions have changed competition and practice schedules and formats, most athletes have noticed little change in their training routines compared to prior years.

Mathias Scarano, junior mechanical engineering major and member of the men’s swim team, said “Our training has moved forward as planned for the most part, but staying motivated is very difficult mentally.”

CBU athletes and coaches are working to continue preparing for upcoming competitions despite season setbacks.

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