February 27, 2024

Defeating Chicago State on Jan. 23 raised California Baptist University women’s basketball overall record to 14-0 and 6-0 in Western Athletic Conference competition.

This record puts the Lancers above the No. 1 ranked University of Louisville, who holds a record of 13-0 and second– and third-ranked North Carolina State and the University of Connecticut with a record of 10-0.

The team has been in excellent form and Jarrod Olson, head coach, said he is not surprised with the players’ current performance.

“We have a talented group of players and they are determined to make this season a success,” Olson said.

Olson said Ane Olaeta, Britney Thomas and Caitlyn Harper are the team’s strongest current players. Although these three players have been outstanding, Jessica Case  assistant coach, said all of the players have been huge assets for them all year long.

“Their commitment to show up every day and work on the defensive end has been huge for them and will continue to be a focus all year,” Case said. “On the other end of the court, it is their unselfishness that truly shows, as they are third in the nation in assists per game.”

Case said the team has a saying that the “ball finds the shooter” and with that mindset, the team has been able to pry through on offense with passes.

This year the team has been able to compete to the best of its abilities. Showing the real strength of CBU’s women’s basketball.

“We had a difficult season last year due to injury,” Olson said. “We have been more consistent this year, which has led to more wins.”

That does not take away the fact that the team had to face the challenges of the pandemic. Like any other sports team, women’s basketball had to face uncertainties and an ever-changing schedule.

Olson said he gives credit to the players for being able to focus and adapt to the situation.

“They have shown great commitment to their goals and it shows in the way they play,” Olson said.

The Lancers are looking to add more wins to this record, but their games against the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and Dixie State Jan 29-30 had to be canceled.

Case said resiliency and flexibility are what helped them succeed this season, so the canceled games should not affect them.

“This season has by no means been normal or easy, and they have been outstanding at taking each situation in stride and adjusting,” Case said.

The team’s current form shows promise to fulfill Olson’s goal for the season: winning the WAC regular season and qualifying for a post-season tournament. 

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