February 28, 2024

The California Baptist University softball team had the majority of its spring 2020 season canceled due to the ongoing pandemic. Despite the many trials and setbacks of last year, the CBU softball team had a great start in 2021.

The softball team swept its opening series against the University of California, Davis, having one of the team’s best season openings in re- cent years.

“It was great coming out with some wins under our belt from the start,” said Brittany Galvez, graduate student and member of the CBU softball team. “Whether that was canceling games, push- ing back games, testing and all that comes with COVID. I just knew that it’s a blessing for us to be playing and so I wanted to make sure I took advantage of that opportuni- ty and knowing I was going to be ready at any time.”

After a decisive victory against the UC Davis Aggies in their season-opening series, the CBU softball team competed against some of the strongest competitors in the country.

At the University of Neva- da, Las Vegas, Desert Classic, hosted by the UNLV, CBU’s softball team faced PAC-12 opponents like University of Utah, with other strong com- petitors like UNLV and We- ber State University playing well against CBU.

The team also traveled to Palo Alto, Calif., where it faced the University of Cali- fornia, Berkeley, and Stanford University. CBU softball ultimately fell to these top-tier PAC-12 opponents.

“We’re really glad that we have a tough schedule because it’s just preparing us for the WAC,” said Ashley McBay, senior biology major and member of the CBU softball team. “Re- gardless of who we’re playing, we should be keeping the same mindset.”

The CBU softball team also recently played against San Diego State University, ultimately losing the series.

The Lancers will play several games in Riverside against several different opponents.

They will face the University of California, Riverside, and Long Beach State at UCR and at home, respectively.

Despite having a tough sea- son, the CBU softball team is determined to continue playing its best and focusing on the Western Athletic Conference championship.

“My mindset the rest of the season is to just continue to compete, and the rest will fall in line,” Galvez said. “I know pre-season hasn’t been our best, but we are all working hard and going to continue to work hard, and our results will come, and we will be ready for the WAC.”

Bill Baber, head coach of the CBU softball team, said he is optimistic about the rest of the season.

“I’m looking forward to seeing us getting better each week and watching some of our young players step up and be a huge part of our team,” Baber said. “It’s great being back on the field again after waiting so long, and I know the players are ready to go and make a run at the WAC championship.”

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