March 2, 2024

Name: Ivo Balabanov

Major: Kinesiology

Year: Graduate Student

Sport: Cross-country

Notable Achievements:

  • Won the 2021 men’s 10000-meter Western Athletic Conference title
  •  Set the CBU 8000-meter cross-country record in 2021

Favorite Moment:

“My favorite moment was winning the WAC championship in Texas. Ever since I’ve been here [at CBU] that’s been my goal.”

Most Proud Of:

“Most of the races were a pretty huge challenge for me, just with the amount of people we start with, but at the end everything just went nice.”

Future Plans:

“We have a pre-nationals race (coming up) and so my goal is to help myself and my team go and compete there, because it’s an important meet.”

Athletic Goals:

“We have a lot of races coming up, whether it’s in cross-country or track, and so I want to do some great things there.”

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