June 19, 2024

As the quarantine aspect of the pandemic has drawn to a close, it has left students and staff excited to get out and play intramural sports.

As we move into the first week of intramurals, students are getting excited, having signed up for a diverse set of activities — including FIFA league, basketball, pickleball, spikeball,  flag football, madden league, sand volleyball and volleyball.  

While registration for flag football, FIFA and basketball are all either closed or closing by Oct. 4, pickleball is still open and accepting members, until Oct. 14.

“I could not be more excited to have intramurals back again,” said Andrew Vander Weide, senior construction management major. “They bring a lot of energy to the campus and specifically to the Rec Center, which is what we need more than ever after a year and a half of inactivity and dispiritedness. Knowing that many people haven’t had adequate social interaction in a long time, I think intramurals are a great way to get back into the way life should be as social, interactive people.”

If you do not have the time in your schedule to commit to a planned intramural, the facilities are available outside of scheduled hours for anyone who would like to play or organize their own pickup games. Additionally, you can attend “Rec it Friday,” a one-day tournament occurring once a month on Friday. Of the plethora of sports offered for “Rec it Friday,” some highlights are beach volleyball, street hockey, and ultimate frisbee.

Intramurals give people an experience that goes beyond skill; rather, intramurals are a practical personification of community. It allows people to experience the joys of fellowship after the COVID-19 lockdown period. They also include online options like Super Smash tournaments.

“It brings together people who have similar interests,” said Marnie Kavern, senior intramurals coordinator. “It gives students a break from schoolwork and studying to release some stress and have fun. While participating, our hope is that students meet Christians that show others what it looks like to follow Christ through their actions and relationships that are built.”

Kavern pointed out a strength of intramural sports and their casual ability to create relationships between people where Christ can be the focus.

“I played sports all throughout high school and wasn’t really good enough to play at the Division I level but I [am] super excited to play intramurals,” said Dakota Whitmire, sophomore criminal justice and Christian studies double major.

Whitmire said he loves the intramural sports community, noting its ability to form bonds between participants.

“I have been ready to play intramurals for a while now, just because I love sports and love making new friends,” Whitmire said. “My mindset going into playing is to have fun, to play my best at the sport I am playing and to glorify God on and off the court or field. At the end of the day, win or lose, it’s just a game and it doesn’t define who I am as a player or a person.”

The CBU student community is getting excited for the return of intramural sports. Visit @cburecreation and https://calbaptist.edu/campus-recreation/intramurals for information on schedules and registration. 

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