June 23, 2024

Wildcats Win

Abilene Christian University women’s basketball topped Sam Houston 88-71 on Feb. 17. This loss breaks the Bearkats’ seven-game winning streak. The lead against SH grew to 19 points before the game ended with a 16-point differential. The game started with a 5-0 lead thanks to Taylor Morgan and Jamie Bonnarens of ACU and ballooned to 12-2 after Madi Miller scored a layup, combining with Bonnarens’s jumper and three-pointer. The Wildcats are now 8-6 in the WAC.

Tennis players honored

Newcomers to Lamar University women’s tennis, Elena Tairyan and Noelia Lorca have been named WAC Tennis Players of the Week. Tairyan earned the name of player of the week for both singles and doubles, while Lorca received the recognition of player of the week for doubles. Both girls won all three of their double matches in the No. 1 position. The Cardinals continued their 3-0 streak with a doubleheader against Alcorn State.

CBU baseball opener

California Baptist University baseball welcomed fans to their opening night on Feb. 18. CBU finished 8-1 against Coppin State. The home opener was capped off with post-game fireworks. The Lancer’s first 10 games will occur at home. CBU ended last season 21-5 with a .295 batting average, making offense a key. The Lancers are the second team to win 40 games and achieved a new single-high in one of its first two full transition seasons to Division-I athletics. The baseball team ranks second in the WAC for winning percentage over their first three D1 campaigns.

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