June 23, 2024

California Baptist University ended the Seattle U Softball series 1-2 on March 19. The two-day series started with Seattle on top (2-5) and continued to the second game, where the Lancers lost 2-3. The Lancers came back in the third and final game, where the Lancers held a victorious score of 12-0. The Lancers now stand 1-2 in the Western Athletic Conference.

Amanda Argomaniz, senior, takes steps to improve her performance during games. 

“During games I try to take a quick mental note of what I need to work on moving forward without allowing myself to overthink my performance,” Argomaniz said. 

These in-game adjustments allow immediate improvement and insight into what she needs to focus on after the game. Priscilla Estrada, freshman, makes similar in-game adjustments. 

“(I try) focusing on changes I can make in the present while playing,” Estrada said.

Softball is a long and tiring sport, so maintaining energy is key. Argomaniz upholds her energy by supporting her team, and Estrada gains adrenaline from the game.

We all know sports are competitive, but how does the CBU softball team view competition? 

“(I have been trained) to treat all opponents the same and to not buy into their name, hype or size,” Argomaniz said.

She does admit that the first thing she notices is the competitor’s uniforms. Estrada said she pays attention to their competitors’ energy; she likes to see whether they are spirited or relaxed.

Training for the next game starts the minute the current game ends. Mike Smith, had coach of the women’s softball team, and his staff take time to study how to improve.

“(We) spend a multitude of time watching videos of other teams they are playing on ESPN, YouTube and specific conference websites,” Smith said.

 “(We) discuss the opponent and any details the coaches feel necessary to inform (this could be specific pitchers or hitters they are facing that could make an impact against them).” 

They also “watch in-game and in-practice videos of our softball players to point out what should be improved and practiced on. Team and individual player review occurs whenever the athletes have a chance; this could be before or after a practice.” 

Details matter in softball. Everything Smith and his team do to prepare the players for a game is productive. 

“Every scouting report, drill, every defensive and offensive situation, every ground ball a player takes and how they throw it matters,” Smith said. “But details run deeper than that; the relationship a player has with their teammates and coaches matter too. The relationships built within the team is a big part of success.”

The team follows the quote: “If you can win in the locker room, you will be successful on the softball field.” They also created an acronym C.A.R.E.  (Celebrate & Appreciate the Relationships Everyday) to remind themselves of the relationships they have. This philosophy helps the team grow together.

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