May 23, 2024

Every business needs accountants. Finances are important for any business, and the CBU Accounting Society’s goal is to help students make connections with businesses and in the accounting field.

Sarah Shearer, secretary, Christian studies and accounting double major and secretary of CBU’s Accounting Society talked about the main goals of the club.

“The main goal is to show students a life in accounting, give them an opportunity to network, as well as introduce them to other internships,” Shearer said. “And for students that aren’t accounting majors, it’s to guide them to see opportunities in accounting, as well as if they’re in an accounting class (as business majors need), we also offer homework help. We offer study sessions and allow them to engage with other students and see a variety of accounting styles.”

Accounting can provide business students with a lot of opportunities, and with the increase in accessible communication technology, is becoming more flexible. Ellen Kaminski, assistant professor of business, accounting program director and faculty adviser for the Accounting Society, said numbers are “the language of business” and accountants provide a useful part of the team for any business.

“I think it has a reputation of being just a desk job, but it can take you a lot of different places,” Kaminski said. “I think it’s a lot more fun. It’s like solving a puzzle every day so it’s not very monotonous. You get new puzzles to do. And it’s not a loner job. You might think you’d just sit in a cubicle by yourself, but you actually have to work well with others and that’s one of the skills that is in high demand in the field: emotional intelligence. The field has changed a lot in the last 10 years, but is increasing and what it can provide to businesses and what accountants can do for a business is not slowing down.”

Ashley Morales, junior finance major and president of the Accounting Society, said she thinks an important resource the Accounting Society provides is the guest speakers they bring to the meetings and those networking opportunities.

“In order to bring career experience, I bring guest speakers,” Morales said. “Almost every Monday, I bring in speakers mainly from public or private accounting firms. They could be big or small. But in two weeks I’m going to bring people from a financial firm over because I am a current finance major with a minor in marketing, and I just wanted to bring that insight, especially to freshmen — they’re still deciding whether accounting is a good fit for them, so I want to bring in that insight.”

Rebecca Becerra, sophomore accounting major and vice president of the Accounting Society, handles social media for the club. She said she posts weekly and keeps the social media accounts up-to-date on their latest guest
speakers and any time or room changes that might occur. Follow their Instagram @CBU_AccountingSociety for the latest updates.

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