May 25, 2024

Q: What is it like being on the Soccer team at CBU?

“It’s a privilege to be able to represent CBU as an athlete. Athletes are the first ones to be noticed, so to be that first reference for the school to other schools that haven’t heard of us before is cool.”

Q: Why did you choose CBU?

“For me, it was the relationship I had with the coaches and everyone associated with the school that I was talking to. I think the small community and sense of everyone really attracted me.”

Q: What is your opinion on how the season is going so far?

“We have a lot of opportunities ahead of us. If I zoom out and look at the season, we’ve done quite a good job and we still have the potential to accomplish our goals.”

Q: What is your favorite part of playing soccer?

“My favorite part must be the community around it, the relationships you build with teammates is special. Especially since the team is so international, you’re able to make friends from all over the world.

“Also, with the new stadium being built, seeing the younger kids come see us play is a massive reason why I play the sport.”

Q: How and When did you get into soccer?

“I started soccer when I was about 4. I probably was running amok around the house, so my parents probably wanted me out of the house, and then it just clicked. I’ve been playing ever since.”

Q: Is there any specific game or memory that stands out to you?

“The old memories with my dad. Whether it’s the long drives to training and my first game in the U.S. was special because I had never played a game out of Australia.”

Q: What made you pick soccer?

“It just started as a hobby at first, something to do on weekends. As stuff started clicking, it kept enticing me year after year. I’ve never played another sport.”

Q: What has stuck out to you the most about the current season?

“The culture around the team has really stuck out to me. We have a really talented team and we’re all really good friends.”

Q: What are you hoping for this season?

“Ultimately, a WAC champion would be nice and hopefully having a NCAA tournament appearance. We just want to win the next game and go from there.”

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