July 24, 2024

Every first Thursday of the month, a cozy parking lot between Lemon Street and University Avenue in downtown Riverside transforms into the Riverside Art Walk.

The Riverside Art Walk is an event that brings together local artists of Riverside one night each month to showcase and sell their work. The art event first launched in 2002 and has remained strong for 20 years. It has provided a welcoming art community for both new and returning artists and art enthusiasts.

“The Riverside Art Walk began as a way to draw attention to the local galleries and individual artists outside of the main Riverside Museum circuit,” said Rachel Dzikonski, interim executive director and program director of the Riverside Arts Council. “It was meant to connect artists with the community.”

Charissa Graves | CBU Banner Riverside Art Walk runs from 6-9 p.m. on the first Thursday of every month, giving customers plenty of time to browse.

Dzikonski has worked with the Riverside Art Walk since January 2011. She explained that the art walk allows for art to be more accessible to the community and for local artists to have the chance to exhibit their work.

Since Dzikonski first started attending the event in 2008, the list of vendors has grown from 10 artists on a sidewalk to nearly 200 signing up for the event monthly. There are all kinds of vendors selling many different forms of art. On Oct. 6, many art styles and unique pieces made the Riverside Art Walk worth the trip.

The art walk has numerous tables and pop-up tents throughout the parking lot. There was jewelry, mixed media, photo prints, ceramics, paintings, stickers and even clothing on sale. The event features a wide variety of artistic styles and artworks. Each vendor explained how their pieces were handmade and how long it took to make them.

The artwork and artists’ diversity reflects the Riverside community as well. At the eclectic event, families, students and people of all ages and demographics came together to celebrate art.

Charissa Graves | CBU Banner Several booths spread out through downtown Riverside to sell their items like jewelry, handmade crafts and print art.

Yselle Barajas, freshman psychology major, visited the art walk on Oct. 6. “I didn’t know what to expect from the art walk, but I was definitely surprised in the best way.”

“I loved the atmosphere and everything being sold there, especially the jewelry stands,” Barajas said.

While the Riverside Art Walk is an artistic staple to many locals, many students at California Baptist University have never heard of it.

Natalaya Brown, sophomore political science major enjoys the arts and also supports small businesses.

“I’ve never heard about Riverside having an art walk, Brown said. “If I would’ve as a freshman about the event, I would’ve gone every month. I’m excited for the next art walk I’ll have to check it out.”

The following first Thursday of the month, take a trip to the corner of Lemon street and University avenue to check out the Riverside Art Walk.

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