April 13, 2024

Every year there are many exciting events held at California Baptist University, including the fan-favorite Midnight Madness, which took place on Oct. 29.

This annual event celebrates the commencement of the men’s and women’s basketball seasons, and this year was the first time the event was themed. The chosen theme was “To the Moon.” It was also the first time the event was open to both the public and the entire Lancer Nation.

CBU cheer team hits their second pyramid of the night. | Claire Grimes

Upon early arrival, people were given glow sticks to wave during the event. The event began with a variety of clips that were space, moon and astronaut-themed. Fun clips showing Wall-e and the first man on the moon got people in the spirit of the event. During the event, there were video montages of the man on the moon and basketball players when introducing the women’s and men’s teams. The techno music, fire element and silver and gold colors set the space theme.

“Midnight Madness takes months of preparation and planning, from the ticketing standpoint to the outside pre-party, to everything that is seen, done and given out at the event,” said Andrew Reina, assistant director of athletics marketing.

All of those who attended and participated enjoyed all aspects of the entertainment the show had to offer.

Students flood the Events Center on Oct. 28 to kick off basketball season with Midnight Madness, many of them wearing shirts that had been handed out by Community Life in advance. | Elijah Hickman

“I loved it,” said Amber French, sophomore business major. “I thought it was super fun. I loved how organized it was and how they showed each player on the basketball team. I really liked how they set everything up.”

Not only was the theme fun, but it was also symbolic of the achievement of all athletics teams being allowed to move on to post-season for the first time if applicable. ​

”The inspiration behind the ‘To the Moon’ theme was based on wanting our sports teams to be striving to reach their goal of making the NCAA tournament and eventually the NCAA Championship — ‘The Moon,’” Reina said. “We are now able to do things that we previously couldn’t do.”

This theme served as an inspiration for students, athletes and the athletics department as they move into a new chapter after fully transitioning to Division I.

“I think the theme is really cool and actually perfect because for the first time as all sports are DI, it reflects how the possibilities are endless,” said Sam Castillo, junior liberal arts major.

Midnight Madness launches the basketball season. The first men’s basketball home game will take place on Nov. 7.

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