June 19, 2024

Q: What made you get into diving?

“I started diving about eight years ago during my freshman year of high school. I got into diving because I did some tumbling growing up and loved to flip and be in the water. Diving truly is the best of both.”

Q: What made you choose CBU?

“I chose CBU because it checked all of my boxes with having a great swim and dive program, the major I wanted to pursue as well as being in an environment where I saw myself growing in my faith.”

Q: What it your favorite memory from dive?

“There are a lot of incredible memories but some of my most favorite ones include getting to watch beautiful sunsets from the 3-meter board during practice while also getting to be with my amazing teammates day in and out.”

Q: What is your favorite food before competition?

“Before competition, I like a good smoothie or açai bowl.”

Q: What is your music of choice before competition?

“Our team has collaboratively compiled a dive playlist over the years that is over 30 hours long and I usually listen to that playlist because it has a little of everything.”

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