July 13, 2024

Vianney Alfaro, senior criminal justice major and member of the Cheer team

Q: When did you first start cheer?

“I started cheerleading at 8 years old. It seemed fun and all the skills included in a routine were impressive, which made me motivated to try it out.”

Q: What made you choose CBU?

“I chose CBU because of its Christ-centered values. I was interested in close community when searching for schools and CBU felt like the perfect fit. I chose the CBU cheer team because of its family atmosphere and dedicated, hardworking athletes. My teammates encourage me to become the best athlete I can be.”

Q: What is your favorite memory from cheer?

“Winning our eighth national championship title. Not so much for the title but the feeling of sharing that moment with my teammates and knowing how hard we’ve worked all year to become the hardest working team in the nation.”

Q: What is your favorite food before a competition?

“I am more of a snacker on competition days. Goldfish and Cheez-Its are my go-to snacks to settle my nerves.”

Q: What is your music of choice for a workout?

“Whatever genre Fall Out Boy is. Love that band. I like listening to rock music mostly so it feels like I’m training for an action movie.”

Q: What is an obstacle you have overcome in your athletic career?

“The toughest obstacle to overcome is mind chatter. The mind is the greatest weapon in sports, but it can also be the biggest downfall if not trained. Throughout my athletic career I have struggled with a lot of self-doubt and negative talk. Learning to be mentally tough has helped me grow as an athlete and become more confident in my abilities.”

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