June 19, 2024

Van Buren Drive-In Theater

Tesla is the world’s eighth most valuable company, known for its electric vehicles. The idea of Tesla having a drive-in theater and diner was brought to the public in 2018 after Tesla Inc. CEO Musk tweeted about the concept. 

“Gonna put an old school drive-in, roller skates, and rock restaurant at one of the new Tesla Supercharger Locations in Los Angeles,” the tweet stated. 

Recently, the project got approved for construction. Tesla Canada announced on their website that construction began at the end of September. Musk tweeted back in the beginning of August that Teslas futuristic diner should be open later this year. Teslas’s Diner will replace the Shakey’s Pizza Parlor on Santa Monica Boulevard near West Hollywood and the design will be similar to a classic diner from the past. Since it will be located in West Hollywood the diner can bring in locals as well as tourists. From Tesla’s filed construction plans with the city of Hollywood, expect to see a semi-circular two-story structure with two movie theater screens and 29 supercharge stalls. 

Tesla can bring in those who own tesla vehicles and those who are looking for the nostalgia of an old school diner and drive-in theater.   

Dr. Winter, professor of Business Administration, pointed out the positive aspects that might bring in customers. 

“The appealing aspect of the drive-in theater is that it ties into what their brand is known for since you can charge your electric car while watching a movie, dining, etc,” Winter said. 

Combining what a Tesla owner would need such as a supercharger station and something extra like food and entertainment increases conveniency. 

Freshman marketing major, Jasmine Hernandez, is intrigued by the construction of this concept. 

“The marketing aspect really stands out to me. Tesla made an exclusive product with benefits to their consumers. This is an exciting way to get more people to join the Tesla nation, and it’s fascinating,” Hernandez said. 

Opening a drive-in theater is a good business move for Tesla, according to Alice Wallace in an article for CNN, drive-in theaters regained popularity after COVID-19. 

 However, Winter questioned how the company would keep customers returning. 

“Can Tesla create a significantly unique experience for people that will create a sustainable and lasting appeal for this new enterprise? In other words – once the newness has faded, what will keep people coming back?” Winter asked. 

One of the ways Tesla is planning on doing this might be leaning on the appeal of nostalgia. Those who lived through the boom of drive-in theaters can re-live that moment and those who have only heard about it can experience it in real life with this diner.  

Hernandez explained how the diner will combine old-school and modern aesthetics. 

“The car users get to come to a place full of fun and charge their vehicles while they’re at it. It’s a great idea. Tesla is bringing back an old-school idea with a futuristic twist.,” Hernandez said. 

Winter agreed that nostalgia is an important aspect. 

“I think Tesla is counting on a nostalgia appeal for this venture. My guess is that Elon Musk was to create an association between people’s memories of “simpler times” with the innovation normally associated with the brand” Winter said.  

It is important for Tesla to have the experience of the diner to create a lasting appeal for consumers. It is more than likely many people will come in during the first few months. But, if Tesla is able to make this something where people come back again and again it will be the next big hit spot for entertainment and food. Only time will tell how the turnout will be. 

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