June 23, 2024

I don’t believe I have ever met a person that hates autumn, and to be quite honest, I kind of hope I never do. To me, a person who hates autumn is a person who hates happiness and a person I want to stay far away from. 

In California, the summer heat can be excruciating, with Riverside spending most of the season with high temperatures in the range of 85-95 degrees and beyond. Fall brings a much-needed reprieve from summer’s harsh sun and sweat, as well as the perfect transition into the holiday season. 

It is a time for reunions and new routines. As summer ends and the new school year begins, you return to your home away from home to see friends you haven’t seen in months. And as the leaves begin to die, our college campus is again brimming with life.

Picture this: You’re walking back from your class, but not before stopping by Wanda’s for your first pumpkin spice latte of the season. You make it home, having felt the perfect crunch of those leaves beneath your feet during your walk. 

Before you start your homework, you curl up under a blanket, read a good book and listen to the wind blow outside. You are cozy, you are watching “Gilmore Girls,” life is good.

Of course, as perfect as that routine is for an introvert, the social opportunities that fall presents cannot be overlooked. Pumpkin patches and apple orchards open for business, providing the perfect backdrop for a date or a day trip with friends. Halloween parties give people the excuse to dress up, get together with friends and get away from the stress of midterms for one night. 

Then comes Thanksgiving break. Some students go back to their hometown or travel to see the family they may not have seen in months, and others opt to stay on campus with their friends. Either way, there’s a certain sense of togetherness brought about by the whole season.

Autumn is a poem written by God that tells the world that change can be a beautiful thing. It’s a song made of the wind and the rain, a painting in the sky and the trees. The smell of rain and cinnamon creates a perfume that envelopes everything.

My suggestion to you this fall is to enjoy this time while it lasts. Put on your favorite sweater, flannel or jacket, blast some obscure music through your headphones and go live your indie-movie main-character life.

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