May 26, 2024

Imagine this: birds chirp at each other in a steady cadence. A warm breeze ruffles your hair. The sweet scent of newly blossomed flowers tickles your nose. Is this heaven? Almost. It’s spring. The age-old debate about the best season of the year has created a rift between partners, friends and family. Rest assured, this article will put the debate to rest. There is nothing quite like breaking through the intense winter weather and thawing out in the mellow temperatures of the spring season. Unlike other seasons, spring is known for its tolerability. In summer, temperatures are scorching. Meanwhile, people are shivering in the cold of autumn and winter. Spring temperatures are not too extreme in any way and are agreeable for almost everyone. 

The temperature is not the only reason more people are outside during the spring. There is also a massive increase in wildlife and plants following the harsh winter conditions. Instead of being plagued by spiders, ticks and mosquitoes (as we are during the summer months), we witness the rabbits and chipmunks waking up from hibernation. Not only that, but butterflies are especially active, adding to the plethora of colors provided by the lush scenery accompanying the season. 

Another reason I find everything more beautiful in the spring is because of how long the days are. Unlike in the winter when the sun goes down at 5 p.m., the sun is up all day during spring. In a study from the University of Michigan, researchers found that spending 30 minutes or more outside can lead to better memory and increased positive moods. Thus, the increased sunlight is more likely to improve our mental states, so we are more happy in the spring, too. 

Even criminals have a soft spot for the season. According to a study published in “Review of Economics and Statistics,” crime rates drop by 7% throughout a spring day and 27% in the final hour of spring daylight, as opposed to other seasons. Thus, people are even safer as they enjoy spring’s beautiful scenery and weather. 

Additionally, spring is the best time to stop and smell the roses. As flowers bloom across the nation, the beautiful atmosphere is enough to drag almost anyone out of their house. These flowers also improve the environment, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and providing fresh oxygen for people. Not only that, but they are associated with triggering the release of dopamine in our brains,.

And if you are a fan of fresh produce, many fruits and vegetables turn ripe during spring. Many of these produce items are great for spicing up home-cooked meals. If you are a fan of perusing local farmer’s markets, the spring is the prime time to go. 

Spring celebrates new beginnings. Spring is so full of life and beauty that all the other seasons pale in comparison. While summer is ruined by its endless sweltering days, the moderate weather of spring makes being outside in nature enjoyable. While winter has Christmas and snow, spring has colorful plants and flowers that are helpful for the environment. And while night falls before dinnertime during the fall, the sun lasts all day in spring. Without a doubt, spring is the best season of the year. 

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