June 16, 2024

Sunblock, suntans and summer: the perfect three-step cure to chase away the fall, spring and winter blues. Summer is full of long days, laying out in the sun and completing all the summer fun to-dos you’ve waited your entire year for. But it is not just the freedom from school that makes summer the best season. Summer offers the best selection of activities and the best fresh foods as well. With offerings from watermelon, tomatoes, corn, bell pepper, herbs and all the berries you can think of, summer is the best time to taste all that Mother Nature offers. 

Summer has all the sweetness of spring, all the excitement of fall, and the winter fun of get-togethers. With the longest days of the year, there is even more time for exciting things to happen. 

For children, summer is the grandest time of their lives. The time that they are free from schoolwork, only told to go home as the streetlights turn on. Long days are spent in the sun playing ball, drawing with chalk and flying kites. Balmy nights are spent beneath a heavy moon, fingers sticky with remnants of devoured s’mores. Some might enjoy a seemingly endless day at the beach, bodyboarding in the water, jumping in the waves and the cold ocean spray cooling off skin. Even as people grow older and their priorities change, their summers do not have to change completely.

These longer days allow for more fun, and the increased sunlight can boost one’s energy and mood. The increased temperatures make for the best water temperature at the pool and the beach. They also encourage a more relaxed atmosphere for people to explore, lounge by the pool and otherwise enjoy themselves in a place they would not usually enjoy. 

As for the weather, the unyielding sun might seem like a demerit to summer’s spotless reputation, but this is not the case. Just as soon as the sun and heat get to be too much, it’s monsoon season — my favorite. With warm rain against your skin and the thrash of wind against your window, you can curl up in your flip-flops and tank tops and enjoy the benefits of rain in the best season of the year. 

Summer encapsulates all the best parts of the other seasons: the joy, the community, the warmth and the vibrancy of life itself. It is a time when families and friends can get together, share stories and experience the grand crescendo of the symphony of the seasons. 

With days marked by sunkissed skin and joyful times, who would disagree that summer reigns supreme? 

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