June 19, 2024

There is no time more magical than wintertime. It is the time of the year that hope abounds. The introduction to the season is marked by the decoration of lights — around homes, businesses, on streets, and in trees.

Soon, Christmas music begins to be played on radios and in stores. For me, Kelly Clarkson’s 2013 “Wrapped in Red” album, Michael Bublé’s 2011 “Christmas” album, and The Killers’ 2016 “Don’t Waste Your Wishes” albums are top contenders, but there are endless classic Christmas songs that everyone knows by heart. There is something comforting about the familiarity of the season. Being able to walk into a store and hear a song you have known since childhood and see the same Santa taking pictures at the mall is nostalgic. I, for one, can’t take a sip out of a peppermint mocha without being reminded of a previous winter in which a snowstorm struck and I curled up in bed with a peppermint mocha. 

Speaking of staying in bed, there is no better time to do it. Winter gives you the excuse to stay in bed because it is cold. Plus, there are so many good winter movies to keep you company. Who doesn’t love being wrapped in piles of blankets while drinking hot chocolate and laughing to “Elf”? Or, of course, it is a perfect time to read. I have a pile of books poised for the occasion.

And the joy only continues when you do have a chance to go outside thanks to winter fashion. You get to not only look cute, but you can be cozy when doing so — it’s a win-win. After all, who doesn’t love a good beanie or a knit scarf? The fashion accommodates everyone, especially for those who do not enjoy the cold, as they can stay warm. Whereas in the summer, no matter if you like the weather, you are forced to endure the heat when you step outside. 

Then there is the shopping craze as people prepare for Christmas. As someone who has gift-giving as their love language, this is one of my favorite parts of the season. While some people may dread the business that plagues malls, I enjoy the community. Especially after COVID-19, malls have been looking pretty bleak and empty as many people have turned to online shopping. What once used to be the epicenter for friend get-togethers is no longer. That is, until Nov. 1 hits and seasonal shopping begins. Suddenly, the mall is busy and noisy again, as people all gather to search for the perfect gifts. And let’s not forget about holiday sales, such as the infamous Black Friday. At what other time could you buy a 1,000-inch flat screen for $200? And thanks to the hype around Black Friday shopping, sales begin as early as the end of October, making it an efficient and cost-effective way to find gifts. 

Of course, a big factor of the winter season is Christmas and New Year’s. What other season has not one, but two holidays? While Halloween and Easter are fun, they don’t qualify as must-skip work holidays. However, many attempt to get work off to celebrate Christmas, which is why businesses go as far as to hire specifically seasonal workers. It is a sweet reminder that spending time with loved ones is a sentiment hard to replace. 

New Year’s offers the chance for reflection. It is a moment to celebrate another year lived and a year to come. While resolutions have become somewhat of a controversial topic, resolutions showcase the hope that we have for ourselves to continue becoming better. It is humbling and humanizing to share weaknesses we all want to improve on, such as when the gym is packed post-New Year’s because we all want to try to be healthier. 

The winter season technically starts Dec. 21, but many people acknowledge the sooner, the better, and put up decorations as soon as Nov. 1 hits. It’s time to admit the other seasons can’t quite compare to winter. 

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