April 19, 2024

Clint Heinze--Cheerleaders practice a routine in preperation for the upcoming NCA National Meet.

Clint Heinze--Cheerleaders practice a routine in preperation for the upcoming NCA National Meet.

California Baptist University offers cheer leading as part of its thriving athletic program. The cheer leaders compete in multiple venues all around the country.

Although they are primarily a competitive team, they also cheer at school sporting events, community service projects and spiritual outreach.

The program, led by first-year coach Tami Fleming, strives to be Christ-centered in all their accomplishments and has built a solid foundation with successful performances at many competitions.

On Mar. 26, CBU cheer competed with Sam Houston State University at the Van Dyne Gym.

“We had many six hour Saturday practices and practiced 20 hours over spring break to prepare for this event and Nationals,” Sophomore cheer leader Aubrey Sipe said, “We have extended some of the practices this week to make sure we have everything down.”

Their competition against Sam Houston State University was set up like a game with four quarters and the teams prepared routines to compete with the other school. During the fourth quarter, CBU’s cheerleaders performed their impressive National Championship routine.

CBU cheer is known for its professionalism and good sportsmanship at all competitions and these qualities help the team stand out against others and win awards.

“My favorite cheer memory was last year in Daytona, Florida at the National Cheerleading Association National Championships. Our team won first place in the Challenge Cup allowing us to advance and compete in the Finals.

This was a first for CBU cheer and it was very exciting to see all of our hard work finally pay-off,” Alumnus cheerleader Lindsay Kragten said.

“We have been such a strong team, everyone bonded so quickly, we were a family. So to lose a family member was really hard,” Junior Whitney Lawrence said, in reference to the tragic passing of their beloved coach, Wendy Rice.

“Wendy definitely taught us how to be a team and sisters of Christ for each other. She always taught us to inspire each other and she always saw our full potential. She was a wonderful coach and person who knew how to glorify the Lord by serving at CBU,” Kragten said.

NCA Collegiate Nationals will take place April 5-9 in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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