September 28, 2023

AJ Lacuesta -- Mark Roberson is the founding Dean of the College of Art, Architecture, Design and Film.

AJ Lacuesta -- Mark Roberson is the founding Dean of the College of Art, Architecture, Design and Film.

Mark Roberson is the new Dean of the College of Art, Architecture, Design and Film at California Baptist University. Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, he has come to lead this new college.

Roberson went to the University of Texas where he received a degree in architecture; he then went on to receive a master’s degree in architecture from University of Southern California. He has been working in the field for 20 years.

Roberson came to CBU through a series of events that he attributes to God.“My wife told me this job would be perfect for me, I said I wasn’t quite qualified for it because I had only been an adjunct in various places, never a dean.” Roberson said.

Concerns aside, Roberson said he could not pass up the once in a lifetime opportunity to create a program from the beginning and design it to his liking. Roberson loves to teach and he explained that he enjoys the opportunity to “help shape a generation of young minds,” and show students how architecture can relate to the Bible.

Roberson has started churches, lectured in Paris, taught at various universities and designed multiple buildings.

He said architecture has been in his heart since he took an architectural drawing class in high school. His real passion for it came his junior year of college when he spent a semes- ter abroad studying architec- ture in Rome.

However, working as the new dean is a completely new experience for Roberson. He is not yet sure what to expect out of a typical day but he says this job has great potential.

“Hopefully, once things are up and running, I’ll get to teach a little bit and I’ll get to be involved in film, art and graphic design. It’s very exciting for me to have art, film and architecture because the three are very interconnected and dependant on each other.” Roberson said.

Roberson’s favorite part of his job is designing. “The coolest thing is walking into a building that will be around for years to come and I know that one day I took out a blank piece of paper and began; every piece of that building is yours.” Roberson said. “The building came from absolutely nothing to something because I created it.”

Roberson can relate this experience to his new job at CBU as he will work to create and build a new college.

Roberson’s job will require him to write curriculum, recruit students, design courses, create real life projects for students to work on and find organizations to work with.

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