September 22, 2023

Bonnie Koenn -- Trends come and go, comfort does not.

Bonnie Koenn -- Trends come and go, comfort does not.

Super models walk down the runway in their super tight cloth- ing and celebrities walk down the street in their high heels.

Many people do not realize the problems that come from wearing this type of clothing. Normally, the ever-changing fashions that models display are admired rather than considered as to how these fashion statements affect the human body.

When you feel like something is too tight or if something feels sore and aches, do not ignore the warning signs. It is important to consider that it could be the clothes and shoes you are wearing or even the bag that you carry.

One of the main types of clothing that people do not realize could be harmful to their bodies is tight clothing. Tight clothes can damage circulation and low-rise jeans can lead to back pain and inflammation.

High heels can be a problem de- pending on the height of the heel. In this type of shoe, the foot is forced to be in a strained position which can cause the Achilles tendon to shorten and damage the soft tissue that supports the foot.

“Wearing heels and flip-flops can shorten your Achilles and can cause back pain when you wear them a lot,” Nicole MacDonald, associate professor of kinesiology, said. “Tennis shoes will give you good support.”

Instead of high heels, try wear- ing wedges which create height that evens your foot because it is on a platform.

With all these fashion health is- sues, would people really change the way they dress to protect their bodies from harm? Does the phrase “beauty is pain” really come into play when women are trying to keep up with the newest fashion trends?

“Some people are always going to choose fashion over comfort, even if it means they could be put- ting themselves at risk for a health problem,” Ashley Newton, nursing major, said.

By becoming aware of these health issues and researching be- fore purchasing clothing that can be harmful, there are fashionable alternatives that are available and cause less harm to the body. When it comes to accessories, carrying around big purses or bags can also cause damage to a person. “Don’t overload on one shoulder,” MacDonald said. “Switch shoulders from time to time because anytime your body is off balance it will try to get into balance so it could change your spine structure.” Do not carry your whole life in your purse; only take the essentials that you need with you. This can help relieve shoulder pain.

“Large purses or bags may be to blame for back and neck pain, because they place a strain on the shoulders and neck,” Dr. Shazia Khan, co-medical director, Loyola Primary Care Center, said. “Avoid bags that weigh more than 10 pounds.”

Currently, tight jeans are the trend, however just because it is tight does not necessarily make it right.

“Tight clothing can cause circulation issues that can put pres- sure and cause constriction on the nerves,” MacDonald said.

According to chiropractor John Homza of Homza Chiropractic Wellness and Rehab, “Too-tight jeans put pressure on the femoral cutaneous nerve that runs through the thigh, especially when worn with spiky high heels. It can cause burning, numbness and tingling through the leg.”

Whenever you see models and celebrities in tight clothing, remember that they are in these out- fits for a short period of time, not all day.

Try different styles of jeans such as straight leg or boyfriend, that way it is less restricting to your body.

“The fashion industry definitely plays a large role in today’s fashion hazards. The designers want to cre- ate unique looks that often sacrifice comfort for aesthetics,” Newton said.

Do not try to wear what the models wear.

“The bottom line is that if your clothing is hurting you, don’t wear it and your body will thank you,” Newton said.

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