April 13, 2024

This summer while most of the California Baptist University community was vacationing, working or just taking it easy, CBU athletes were working on their fitness in order to prepare for their upcoming fall sports season.

Before the start of the season, the teams will gruel through two- a-day practices everyday as a way to jump-start their strength and cardio to be able to face the competition that awaits them. Although two-a-days are meant to whip athletes back into shape, athletes are still expected to be consistent in their own training during the summer.

“Since we start training camp in August, the hardest change is the heat. We practice at 7:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., and typically in the afternoon practice it’s between 97-103 degrees, and it kills your body,” said Chase Magdeleno, senior business major. “We also have a fitness test on our first day back, and if you do not pass, you repeat it until you do pass, or you will not play in any games.”

Some benefits of keeping muscles working during the off- season are to prevent sickness and injury as well as to promote dedication and consistency to the coaches.

As a guideline, the coaches will give their athletes a workout regimen they are suggested to follow. Depending on the sport, the workout can vary according to what needs extra attention.

“Our coaches send out a workout plan that is based mostly on 10-15 reps of each workout, so squats X’s 3 or RDL’s X’s 3 (10- 15 sets) lots of leg and bottom workouts. For arms, we do lots of lighter weights but more reps, and pull up/bench press,” said Haley Musulman, junior marketing major and women’s volleyball player.

Not only does fitness play a part, but diet does as well. Eating healthy is a major part of getting the most of fitness routines. The body needs the best nutrients possible for best performance.

“All we ask of the athletes concerning diet is that they are smart in their food choices. We do have the athletic trainers discuss with the students proper nutrition for endurance athletes each fall. But unless there is a specific reason, we do not track any athlete’s exact diet,” said Ben Gall, head coach for women’s cross country.

Regardless of which workouts or diets athletes choose to do, each sport has specific needs. From swimming to cross country, they will engage in cardio and strength alike.

“For our cross-country runners, we would like them to run and run a lot,“ Gall said. Our athletes know that the more miles they can get in over the summer, the stronger they will be once the season starts.

“It is not quite that simple, but that is basically what we would want from them. We also want them to consistently encourage each other throughout the summer so no one is stuck trying to motivate themselves all summer.”

Between training and enjoying summer, athletes get no real break as they strive to be on top of their game once their season begins.

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