March 20, 2023

The makers of Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment, has released another mobile game with a familiar face.

In “Bad Piggies,” the green antagonists from the popular “Angry Birds” series are back and as hungry as ever.

The storyline itself is simple; and in the style of Angry Birds, portrayed through a progressive time- line of pictures.

Just as in the previous games, the big bad pigs are after a good breakfast, and like any good breakfast, for them, it consists of lots of eggs. At the end of each level, when players reach the finish line, they are rewarded with parts of a map to help guide the pigs to the location of the eggs they want.

Although the game is new and still seems to have the same graphic style, one thing is clear about “Bad Piggies” – it is not “Angry Birds.”

The style of the gameplay in “Bad Piggies” is completely different than “Angry Birds.” The catapult action that had colorful birds smashing into glass, blocks and random objects is not present
here, but instead there is something different.

“Bad Piggies” is a side-scrolling, reach-the-finish-line game. The Piggies themselves do not have legs, making it difficult for them to move around. This is where players come in.

With 60 different levels, players need to build machines to help the pigs crawl, fly, roll, spin and crash into the finish lines.

“Bad Piggies” offers more than 30 objects from which players choose to build machines to transport the pigs. At the beginning, the objects are as simple as blocks, wheels and the occasional fan to pick up a bit of speed to maneuver the course quicker.

As the player progresses from level to level, the difficulty of each course increases, and objects like motors and rockets become available to help players get to the finish line with style.

Since “Bad Piggies” is not a free app, the price is worth the consideration. At only 99 cents, “Bad Piggies” is cheaper than a cup of coffee and the fun lasts longer.

For anyone looking for a new game to help pass time between studying and classes, “Bad Piggies” is one to consider.

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