March 30, 2023
Zac Mullings – Companies like Photojojo have started to make miniature filters for a more professional smartphone photograph.

Aspiring iPhone photographers now have more options at their fingertips than just Instagram or Hipstamatic.

Websites such as Photojojo provide lenses, filters and more for smartphone owners to utilize in order to enhance their phone photography.

While many people now use their iPhones as point-and-shoot cameras, few would replace their DSLRS with them due to hardware limitations. Although the new iPhone 5 boasts an 8-megapixel camera, there are few options aside from apps for precise photography and photo editing.

However, Photojojo is looking to change that with a range of products catering to the iPhone owner looking to turn his or her smartphone into a professional camera.

One such product is a key ring of colored filters, meant to be held over the iPhone’s lens. This changes the color and tone of the photo without the use of Photoshop or other photoediting software.

Photojojo also offers fisheye, telephoto, macro and wide-angle mini-lenses that can attach to the iPhone itself. “Each is crafted out of solid aluminum and outfitted with thick, high-clarity glass. They’ve been factory-tested by hand and inspected to ensure the utmost optical perfection,” said Photojojo report.

These accessories are not just for iPhones, either – the lenses also work for Android phones, iPads or any phone with a camera lens.

There is also a shutter remote that can trigger an iPhone’s camera from 30 feet away and a boom microphone for recording audio.

For those who do not own smartphones or do not use them for photography, there are also devices avail- able for compact cameras and DSLRS. One of the site’s most popular novelty items is a coffee mug made to look like a Canon or Nikon lens.

With “iPhoneography” getting more and more popular among smartphone owners and users of social media, the demand for legitimate, professional quality camera equipment has increased.

As the quality of the iPhone’s camera improves, it is likely the lens and filters available for it will, as well.

Websites like Photojojo are providing the tools necessary for photographers, pro and novice alike, to utilize their smartphones in a new and engaging way.



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