‘Birds’ collide with Star wars

“Angry Birds Star Wars” is the latest update to Rovio’s popular video game series.

The game consists of the well-known Angry Birds seeking out their revenge against their arch-nemesis egg-stealing pigs.

Players help the birds act out their revenge by launching them across the screen to destroy pigs and their pig-built fortresses.

In this latest chapter, the birds portray “Star Wars” characters. The new game features all-new power-ups and “Star Wars” themed levels of play.

The Rovio team has reinvented “Angry Birds” by creating fun and exciting new power-ups, including one which allows the player to use “the force” from the “Star Wars” films against the pigs.

“I like how each level is a planet from (Star Wars), like Tatooine,” said Hector Espejel, sophomore business administration major.The game shines in its incorporation of the “Star Wars” characters, the use of “the force” and its originality.

Josh Isom, junior history major, said he agreed that the “Star Wars” theme was a good addition to the game.

“I played it, and I thought it was good,” Isom said. “How they tried to incorporate Han (Solo) – I have to give them props for that.”

However, “Angry Birds Star Wars” has its drawbacks, such as difficulty of gameplay and lack of a solid storyline.

“I don’t like the short levels and the shortness of the game,” Espejel said.

Isom said, “There were some levels that felt cheesy, some of the characters were hard to use, and many of the levels were overly complex.”

Still, “Angry Birds Star Wars” is an entertaining app that is enjoyable for all ages.

“Angry Birds Star Wars” is available on iOS and Android platforms. It is not a free app; it costs 99 cents.

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