February 27, 2024

One ball, 10 players and the squeak of tennis shoes on the hardwood floor – all these are part of a game of intramural basketball at California Baptist University.

Every year, CBU holds men’s and women’s intramural basketball leagues. This year, there are a few changes to the competition.

In previous years, CBU’s intramural basketball was held in the Van Dyne Gym, but not this year.

“For the first time the games will be attended inside the recreation center which has not been done for any (other) intramural sports,” said Josh Mott, Community Life recreational sports graduate assistant. “With the new gadgets, such as the scoreboard and the timer, the Community Life team will be creating the authentic look and feel of a real basketball game.”

Tzu Yan Chung, junior kinesiology major and intramural athlete, said, “I love playing basketball. I even tried out for the school team, but I did not make it because they had a full roster. Once I heard we had basketball intramurals, I was so excited to join it.”

Another change to this year’s league will be the name of its championship.

“This year we will have the CBU2K13,” Mott said.

Mott added that Commu-nity Life is yet to decide if there will be any giveaways of free food or gear at their competitive championship this year.

The changes in this year’s intramural basketball leagues will definitely bring the game of basketball to a whole new level. The look and feel of real basketball action will up the ante for teams competing in the competitive league.

One example of an upgrade is the uniforms.

“I have noticed that the women’s uniforms are self-made. They bring fashion to basketball and I think they are cute,” said Sharon R. Marts, freshman business administration major.

Throughout the length of the intramural season, there has been fierce competition and now, as the season draws to a close, the clock is counting down to see who will be this year’s intramural basketball champion.

Gang Green, Original Hoopsters and Legal Aliens are currently tied for the lead in the women’s intramural league. All three of these teams are undefeated.

Competition is even more fierce in the men’s competitive league, as Granny Danger, Hoosiers, Flint Tropics, Alley Whoops, Nic Cage, Uncle Drew and Dream Team are all currently undefeated and tied for the top spot.

Games take place on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday evenings leading up to CBU2K13 on March 7.

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