January 31, 2023

By Monica Solano | Assistant Health Editor

Broken bones, sprained ankles, severe lacerations and a dislocated finger are a few injuries students have encountered through accidental and embarrassing incidents during their time at California Baptist University.

Getting an injury is usually not a laughing matter, but for these students it is something to look back on and laugh about because of how it happened.

Kimi Belza, sophomore special education major, explained her most embarrassing injury, occurred while working in the Wallace Book of Life Theater.

While screwing baseboards to the back wall of the set, Belza ripped her pants open on a screw, causing a large, bloody gash on her leg.

“It was completely my fault!” Belza said. “I scarred myself for life; to this day, I still have the scar to prove it.”

Embrassed, Belza continued with her duties.

“I cleaned up the bloody mess, bandaged myself up, and went back to work with ripped pants and a gashed leg,” Belza said.

Jennifer Gotts, junior communication studies major, said her most embarrassing injury happened in East Africa during an International Service Project.

“I ended up walking off a curb thinking it was flat and ended up falling, ripping my jeans on my knee and getting cuts all over my hands,” Gotts said.

Gotts said she began to cry because she could not move her arm and was then rushed to the hospital.

After X-rays were taken, her arm was declared broken and had to be placed in a sling for the remainder of her time in East Africa.

“I spent the last week of ISP in a sling,” Gotss said. “I even went zip-lining in a sling.”

Whether it happens on stage, while traveling abroad or while doing something completely ordinary, the most unexpected injuries can make for the funniest and most memorable stories.

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